Best Sump Pump – What You Need To Know Before Getting A Sump Pump?

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Water collection in sump basin is a common problem in many homes due to the elevated water table, leakages, or flooding due to rain and best sump pump is a solution. Such accumulated water may cause serious concerns to the basement and other parts of the house and remove it as and when needed is therefore very necessary. Sump basins are bound to overflow without timely removal of the excess water and sump pump comes handy in answering this requirement. Various types of sump pumps are available in the market and you can buy them online upon identifying your needs of water removal from the sump basin or basement for that matter.

Top 5 Sump Pumps On The Market

Sump Pumps are available as primary pump, combination pump, battery-backed pumps, and sewage pump. Primary sump pumps are available in two types and they are mainly submersible and pedestal. Pedestal pump stays above the water level while the submersible pump goes deep inside the sump basin and sinks below the water level. It is specially waterproofed to avoid electrical short-circuits and damage to pump components due to water seepage inside the pump. Domestic submersible sump pumps are available in various configurations of capacity to move water.

Electrical submersible sump pumps are preferred for moving water out of the basements. They come with manual as well as automatic operations. Using a float switch with a submersible sump pump helps in automatic switching on or off depending upon the water level. This setup is common in many households, as it does not require frequent monitoring. In certain cases, a backup pump is installed in case the primary pump fails or requires maintenance. In addition, certain sump pumps with higher rating and capacity are deployed in industrial applications requiring moving of high volumes of water or other liquids. Consideration of various features of the pump therefore is very necessary for finding the best sump pump.

Reviews of 5 Best Sump Pumps

The Sump Pump industry has a lot to offer and it often turns into a mind-boggling experience to grab the best sump pump for your needs. However, here are some top picks that truly perform up to the mark.

Superior Pump 91250, the submersible pump is available in 1/3, 1/4, and 1/5 HP capacity. Some of the prominent features are :

  • Bottom suction for efficient water removal from sump pits or basements without sump pits
  • Water-cooled design for better performance
  • Submersible, double sealed, reinforced construction made of thermoplastic
  • Large 1-1/4" discharge outlet, supplied with 3/4" garden hose adapter
  • Split capacitor motor
  • Convertible into a sump pump by connecting a float switch
  • Designed for reliability and consistent domestic use
  • Continuous-duty motor @ 3.8-amp, 1/4-horsepower
Superior Pump 91250

Editor's Rating

Superior Pump 91250 comes with various features required while encountering water emergencies. It is designed to deliver at up to 25 ft head and its continuous duty motor permits extended use. It is convertible into a sump pump by adding a float switch to it. Considering the economy pricing this Superior Pump 91250 is a perfect standby alternative in case your primary sump pump fails.

For around $50 1/4 HP Superior Pump 91250 is a player to bet. This pump is very suitable for various applications requiring water removal from the floor. It is compact and very portable. Suitability of the pump to diverse applications definitely does not allow it to sit on the shelf even when you buy it as a standby option to your primary sump pump.

Zoeller M53 Mighty-Mate 1/3 HP submersible pump is suitable for various household requirements of moving water from basements and sump pits. It is also suitable for removal of effluents. Some of the prominent features of M53 Mighty-Mate :

  • Cast iron housing
  • Plastic vortex impeller
  • 9 ft long power cord
  • Powder coated epoxy CI and SS fasteners
  • Oil filled motor
  • Thermal overload protection
  • UL, CSA, and SSPMA certified
  • Quiet in operations
  • Cast iron shell for superior cooling
  • 1-1/2" NPT discharge outlet
Zoeller M53

Editor's Rating

Zoeller Mighty-Mate is a silent yet powerful performer and a perfect primary sump pump. It has rugged cast iron shell for extended life and superior cooling. This pump requires minimum 12" diameter of the sump pit to perform. M53 is designed to permit the passage of solid objects of 1/2" diameter without causing any adverse effect on impeller and so it is suitable even for removing effluents from the septic tank. It might come at a little extra price; however, it is worth every cent spent to buy it. Use it as a primary sump pump or as a standby option, it works up to the mark in both cases and various zoeller sump pump reviews posted by users encourage the same.

Liberty Pumps 257 is a rugged 1/3 HP sump pump and it is suitable for using in septic tanks to remove effluents. This pump is housed in a rugged cast iron shell specially processed for corrosion resistance and extended longevity. Some prominent features of the pump are :

  • Delivery up to 50 GPM
  • Up to 21 ft high discharge head
  • Single piece cast iron housing
  • 1-1/2-inch NPT discharge outlet
  • Best in its class 2 year warranty
  • Compact size and VMF switch permit installation in sump pit of 10" diameter or more
  • 1/3 HP, 115VAC, 2200 GPH delivery @ 10 feet
  • Hermetically sealed switches and motor
  • Permanently lubricated bearings for lasting performance
  • Comes with quick disconnect cord for flexible connectivity
  • Quiet operation
Liberty Pumps 257

Editor's Rating

For 1/3 HP power and lifting head of 21 ft, Liberty Pumps 257 is a star performer you can count on for installing a primary sump pump, a standby option, and as an effluent remover. The pump is designed to perform in variable environments where other pumps fail to deliver. It permits debris of 1/2" diameter to pass through without obstructions making it very suitable for multipurpose applications.

WAYNE CDU980E is a super-durable cast iron / stainless steel sump pump. Some remarkable features are :

  • Delivers up to 4600 GPH at 0'
  • Vertical Float Switch For Automatic Operation
  • Easy installation and major plumbing changes are not required
  • 3/4 HP high-performance continuous-duty thermally protected motor
  • Float guard protection to switch to prevent hang ups and related errors
  • 1-1/2" NPT Discharge outlet. On/Off levels at 9" and 4" respectively
  • Fits in sumps with 11" minimum diameter
  • Automatic operations with vertical float switch
  • Durable Cast-Iron Base
  • Fully submersible with stainless steel motor housing

Editor's Rating

WAYNE CDU980E is a multipurpose submersible pump suitable for light-duty transfer. This pump is designed to serve diverse pumping applications with its top suction. It also helps in minimized clogging and superior performance. This 3/4 HP pump is capable of delivering 500 GPH at 10 ft. of discharge lift. Although it is a powerful pump, its compact size permits its installation in sump pits of 11" or more diameter making installations effortless. This submersible suction pump is equipped with vertical float switch for controlled operations. Overall, this is a good alternative for primary as well as backup submersible sump pump.

Wayne WSS30V is a combination sump pump featuring Wayne CDU800 primary sump pump along with ESP25 battery-powered pump. The pump operates on AC power and battery making it a superb backup option. Some noticeable features are :

  • Pre-assembled for easy drop-in installation
  • Clogging minimized with top suction
  • Requires additional 40 Amp Hour or 75 Amp Hour deep cycle battery for backup
  • Durable cast iron shell
  • CDU800 is 120V primary pump
  • Equipped with two heavy-duty check valves
  • Fits in sump basins of 15" diameter or more
  • 1/2 HP motor with maximum flow rate 4200 GPH
  • Delivers 3150 GPH at 10 ft of discharge lift

Editor's Rating

Wayne WSS30V is a perfect choice for homes that are more prone to power outage and water flooding due to natural calamities. The combination pump runs continuously in spite of the AC power loss. The 1/2 HP delivers outstandingly meeting all the expectations of the users up to the mark. Drop-in installation of the pump is a remarkable advantage. On an average, 75AH battery should power the pump continuously for three days. Status indicators and alarms are provided on the pump to indicate battery charging and functioning of the backup system.

How To Select A Perfect Sump Pump?

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Consider your pumping requirements before finalizing the pump. Underrated pump is waste of money and overrated pump may drain your resources fast. Here are some important considerations during the selection. However, always read the information supplied by the pump manufacturer before you buy to analyze its performance on the following aspects.

1. Capacity 

What is the pumping capacity in the real sense? Delivery of the pump depends upon factors like the depth it pumps from, distance it pumps to, and the height it moves the water. More height of delivery requires a pump with more capacity. Typically, capacity of the pump is measured in gallons per minute or hour at specific delivery head. Therefore, read the declaration by the manufacturer carefully specifying the delivery at various heights.

2. Operations / Switches 

Sump pumps are available with manual or automatic operations. Automatic sump pumps run unattended while manual pumps require attention. There is a difference in price of both and automatic pumps are slightly expensive than manual pumps due to the additional components like float switch.

3. Power 

Power of a sump pump is measured in HP or horse Power. Standard submersible sump pumps are available from 1/4 HP to 1 HP rated power. Pump with more HP delivers more yet it comes at an added price. On the other hand, 1/4 HP rated submersible sump pump is suitable for common household applications. Similarly, look for the electrical rating of the pump. A pump with more amperage consumes more electricity. Therefore, buy what fits your pocket and needs.

4. Float Type 

Various floats or sensing switches are available for the pump. Vertical or tether floats are some example. Understand the significance of float travel with the space available. Select solid float over to a hollow float, as hollow floats are prone to water-logging and subsequent failures.

5. Inlet 

A pump is subjected to suck dirt and debris. Therefore, it is ideal that it should allow objects of 1/2" diameter freely. Pumps with metal impeller handle tough objects like pebbles easily over to plastic impellers. Sump Pumps with bottom suction are good at sucking most of the water than any other type.

6. Material

 A sump pump heats up as it runs. Cooling of pump is therefore a factor worth considering. Certain pumps come with water cooling mechanism. Some pumps have cast iron cover for efficient heat transfer. Therefore, sump pump covers play a vital role for seamless performance.

7. Price

Price certainly is a decisive factor. However, buying smartly makes more sense. For an example, higher capacity pump turns into smart investment over to the period of pump’s life of fifteen to twenty years. On the other hand, buying underrated pump at a lower price may turn into a mistake, as it does not serve the purpose up to the mark.

8. Warranty 

Ensure that pump comes with an adequate warranty. The industry standard is one to two-year warranty as no manufacturer extends the warranty due to the nature of the pump’s operations.

What You Must Know Before Using A Sump Pump – Tips And Tricks That Help You Get The Most From Your Pump

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Best submersible sump pump lasts for up to fifteen to twenty years depending upon its use and maintenance. Here are some tips that help you in getting the most from your pump and of course the peace of mind you deserve from it.

  • A pump has various moving parts in it and they are subjected to wear and tear after prolong use. However, you can always check if the pump is working correctly simply by pouring a bucket or two in the sump pit. The pump must start as soon as the float switch detects the rise in water level and stop as soon as the water moves from the sump pit. Checking if the pump functions correctly once in six months is very necessary as ignoring it may leave you stranded for want of options when the basement floods and the pump fail to start.
  • Clean the sump pit and keep the discharge line free from any obstructions. Dirt and debris at the inlet or at the outlet directly result in under-performance. Remove sand, gravel, stones, and pebbles from the sump pit. Similarly check if the float switch has enough space to move. It is a crucial component of the pumping system and requires adequate space to move up and down with the change in the water level.
  • Sump Pumps are designed to move ground water. Its life reduces greatly when used to channel washing machine drain or water softener discharge. In addition, do not use sump pumps to circulate water in fountains or ornamental ponds. You may end up in reducing its life due to aging with the continuous use.

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We all understand the necessity of a sump pump especially when your abode is in areas like Chicago. However, how does the sump pump fits in it? Well, the answer to the problem is multifaceted and each facet holds immense value. For an example, if waterlogged basement is a part of your home then a primary and even secondary sump pump is necessary to pump the water out of the basement. Bonuses are clean air as mold and mildew do not thrive in dry basements and they are a major concern for health too. Here are a few objectives for which you must find answers before hitting the checkout button.

1. Heath Issues – Waterlogged basements or crawl spaces are best homes for mold, mildew, and fungus. Various health concerns arrive due to thriving of such bio-organisms. The stink in wet basements is an indication that you are breathing air polluted by spores of these bio-organisms. Keep them at bay forever and a sump pump serves the purpose up to the mark.

​2. Structural Damages – Continuous exposure to water is a major reason for irreversible structural damages. Cracks and leakages in other parts of the home are common and it indeed increases the magnitude of the problem. Basement of your home may collapse after a certain period of over-exposure to water.

3. Other Applications – A sump pump comes handy in many ways. For an example, it is a wonderful tool to flush your pool, ornamental ponds, or bathtub for that matter. Thus, it comes handy in many ways especially when you pick a submersible pump. You may connect a float switch to it for unattended pumping. Similarly, certain sump pumps are designed for other applications like pumping of sewage or other liquids.

Enjoying value for money is your right and therefore, buying a best sump pump is obvious when you are on a lookout for a lasting pumping solution. Buy what serves the purpose in terms of pumping capacity, height at it pumps the water, and options like submersible pump, automatic operations, warranty, and price. However, please make sure to connect it safely and maintain as required. Well, it gives you the value for money you are looking for and dry home for years to come.