Can Shabby Chic Furniture Fit My Living Room? 5 Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas

Are you having a hard time designing and finding the right furniture for your small living room? Why not consider some old, distressed furniture to create a shabby chic interior. This type of interior is popular because of its cozy look. You can also add floral fabrics, laces, vintage accessories, etc. with some signs of wear and tear.

You can use pastel pink and white furniture in your shabby chic design. But, there is also some shabby interior with colorful shades. Use aged materials to make it look even better. This will give your design an inviting and stunning appearance. Here are 5 shabby chic decorating ideas to consider for your small living room.

1. Stylish Splash of Pastel Color

Yes, white is the color of most shabby chic interiors. But, if you find it too boring, you can add a splash of color to make it look stylish and elegant. To break free from the visual monotony of shades of white you can add some colorful designs.

If you have a small living room to design, you can add a pastel colored sofa and a rustic center table. Add small living room decors with shades that will blend well with your chosen pastel color. Some of the pastel colors that you can choose from are light mint green, gentle pink and cool blue. These colors can provide the room a refreshing atmosphere.

The amount of color you can apply and the chosen shade will depend on your theme. It is important that the color will complement the style of the room. If you love the Scandinavian design, then pastel blues and ultra-light grays are appropriate. For a more feminine room, the bohemian flair with purple and pink hues is a good idea. Regardless what color you choose, make sure that you stay away from the gaudy and dark shades.

2. Unique, High-Class Shabby Chic Decorating Idea

The shabby chic living room tone is not set by the color scheme. It is set by the décor and furniture you choose. The above photo shows how a unique and classy shabby chic décor will look like.

Some men might feel uncomfortable with an all-white shabby chic design. They think the design and the subtle overtones are so feminine. This is exactly why we recommend that you get rid of the rules and do your own version of the design.

The essentials of the design are Vintage, antique accessories, upcycled décor and distressed furniture. You can add some masculine backdrops on it to create a comfortable living room.

3. Shabby Chic Design Farmhouse Theme


This shabby chic farmhouse theme interior has the following characteristics:

  • It is less feminine.
  • This design will not alienate anyone at your home.
  • You cannot just buy this design off the shelf.
  • It will take you days or months checking out antique stores and flea markets to look for the right furniture.
  • You can also find some restored gems and put them together to create the perfect living room design.
  • A Shabby chic interior farmhouse theme is a combination of luxury and lived-in design.
  • Ruffles and frills lend to a comfy and soft space.
  • Vintage home décor and distressed furniture provide intimacy even to a small living room

You need to be patient in finding the right stuff. It is also important that you have a clear idea on what you want to achieve to make it easier.

4. Shabby Chic with a Twist of Modern Design

Maybe you can add shabby chic decors to a modern interior. This is a combination of imperfect with glossy and upgraded furniture. Keep in mind that the shabby design is not just distressed furniture. You can add something into it that will blend well with your interior.

If you want this design, here are tips that you can consider:

  • You can start by adding subtle styles of shabby chic into your contemporary living room.
  • Putting a vintage side table with an antique flower vase that has been in your family for many years is a good start.
  • You can then add some more chic furniture or accessories on your modern living room.

Some of you might ask - do shabby chic and modern designs complement each other. The answer is yes but you need to add the right stuff on it. You cannot just add this and that because you think they are attractive. Assess your interior choose the one that will blend well with the other design.

One day, you might find yourself addictive on what you are doing. You might find yourself sandpapering old benches during the weekends. Repainting some stuff to give them an old look during your free time. You might be surprised you have transformed your modern living room into a shabby chic one.

To achieve this type of interior, you need to find the balance between contemporary and shabby chic design. It is a design that is both personal and practical.

5. Traditional Shabby Chic Design

Shabby chic is the best style for a small living room because of the natural backdrop that it employs. This provides the small area airy visual presence. To achieve this design you can do the following:

  • Paint the walls white, it is the preferred shade for this design.
  • You can add some layers of intrigue to the area.
  • Try putting together contrasting finishes and textures.
  • Distressed doors, classic sofas, antique mirrors, and DIY coffee tables give a cozy room.
  • The flood of natural light provides a cheerful atmosphere.

You cannot ignore white when it comes to shabby chic design. It has a major role in providing a magical cozy, dreamy ambiance. It is not only the walls, as décor and sometimes even the flooring have different shades of white. The accessories also have white shade to create an amazing all-white living room. Features like wooden beams, metallic frames, and whitewashed bricked walls offer enough textural contrast.

Final Words

In creating a shabby chic interior you need to remember these things:

  • Every décor counts no old or new décor.
  • Present and past are combined to create a personalized design.
  • The design displays country lodges that were old-fashioned and full of character.
  • Most of the shabby chic design has a lived-in display with exaggerated lighting and classic coffee table.
  • Fill the flat surface with elegant accessories and heavy furniture with lots of storage spaces to balance the room.
  • Adding slipcovers updates furniture and you can add ruffles and patterns easily.
  • The shabby chic design embraces the imperfections of a well-loved and well-used space.

So to answer your question, can shabby chic furniture fit your living room? The answer is yes. The shabby chic design will fit not just large spaces but even your small living room. If you enjoy reading this article, feel free to leave a comment.

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