How To Make Your Boring Living Room Lively Using An Old CRT TV

The living room is the center of your house. This is the place where your family and friends gather together most of the time. Your living room interior should leave a lasting impression on your visitors. If you are tired of seeing the same things in your living room maybe it is time for you to make some changes.

This article will show you how to make your boring living room becomes lively using your old CRT TV. This idea will add a personal touch and will make your living room unique. Make sure that you follow the steps to avoid any untoward incident.

Aside from the unique décor that you can make from your old TV, you can also help the environment. The CRT TV tubes contain huge amounts of phosphor and lead and other stuff. These things can pollute the environment which can go into the underground water supply.

So it’s like “hitting two birds with one stone,” you have a unique décor and also help lessen the pollution. Below are the steps on how to transform the old CRT TV into a mini bar.


Your visitors and friends will praise you for your creativity when they see this in your living room. Who would have thought that the old TV set may become a mini bar? Generally, mini bars are only for the hotel room. But because of the creative minds of some people they were able to transform it into something special.

Materials Needed in Dismantling the TV

  • Old CRT TV
  • Screwdriver
  • Saw
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Wire Cutter
  • Safety Goggles
  • Pliers


You might be wondering why safety goggles. The CRT might implode as you disassemble it. It is important that you keep your eyes protected in case accident occurs. Make sure you have various types and sizes of a screwdriver. You need the pliers and screwdrivers to remove the screw and cut the cables.

As always, be careful on handling sharp and pointed objects so you will not get hurt. When working with children around make sure that you place them in a safe place that they cannot reach. Or better keep your children away in the working area. In everything you do, safety should come first.

Steps in Dismantling Your CRT TV

1. Remove the Back Cover

  • The first thing you need to do is to empty the interior of your old TV. Remove everything that is connected inside. Be careful when dealing with cables and electric wire.
  • Make sure to ground the electrical before you take the TV parts apart. Unscrew all the screws that you can find to remove the cover.
  • Remove the back cover. Some screws are hard to remove but take your time.

2. Discharging the CRT


This is the most serious part in dismantling your CRT. You need to discharge the CRT because it is similar to a high voltage capacitor and it may contain a deadly charge. The charge stored in it may last for a long time, most of the time a few months or even years. You need to be aware of these things for your own safety and to avoid any untoward incident.

So you need to discharge it in a right way before you touch other parts of your TV. Otherwise, you might end up fixing your body in the hospital bed. Here are the steps in discharging the CRT. It is important that you follow these steps carefully.

  • Connect an alligator connector clip to a flat-head screwdriver, and attach the other clip into any screwdriver.
  • Press down one screwdriver on the ground and then place the flat-head screwdriver under the suction-like cap.
  • Continue pushing it until you hear a loud snap, it means discharging the CRT is completed.
  • Push the screwdriver until you notice a little bump, this means you touched the metal clips.
  • Cut the HV wire near the suction-like cap.

3. Cut All the Electronic Wires


Use pliers to cut all the electric wires. Be careful not to break the tube, older models are still dangerous. The capacitors, as well as other electronics, can still have a charge even several years after it was last used. It may still have shock hazards, so you should take extra care during the removal and disposal of the electronic parts.

4. Remove Everything Inside the TV Panel


Remove all the internal parts of the CRT including the dividers that you see inside. Make sure that it is free from any wires and parts before you proceed in creating a mini bar. Special care when removing the tube for it might implode.

Steps in Making the Mini Bar

Materials Needed:

  • Plywood
  • Paint (white, sky blue, or mint)
  • Speaker
  • Chromecast audio
  • Dioder control
  • Cables
  • Saw
  • LED light
  • Wine bottle

1. Creating the Walls and the Floors


In making the walls, floors and backplate measure the side width and length first and then cut the plywood to the required size. It is recommended that you use a 6mm thick wood for the walls and floors. Measure everything accurately so you will not have a hard time assembling it. It is best that you fit the wood first before painting it. You can paint it white or light blue depending on the mood that you want to have.

2. Sanding and Painting the Wood

  • Use a flexible-foam sanding sponge to have a smooth finish.
  • If your wood has knots, sand them until they are even.
  • Remove any residual grit, you can use a vacuum or clean cloth.
  • In sealing the wood, paint a coat of primer first. Use coarse sandpaper to sand the surface of the wood and then finish it off using fine sandpaper.
  • Begin sanding in the area where you have used filler or putty before you sand the other areas for an even feel.
  • Use high-quality sandpaper for sanding the wood using 80 to 100 grit sandpaper.
  • To complete the sanding process use fine 150 grit of higher to smoothen out the surface and prepare it for painting.

Keep in mind to do the sanding with the grain of the wood and not against it.

3. Painting the PlyWood

  • Choose latex in to paint the plywood.
  • Choose the type of sheen for your paint. This is the amount of light reflected in your paint. If you want it to shimmer when exposed to light choose the high-gloss type of paint. If you want a paint that will absorb light and hide imperfections choose matte.
  • Use high-quality brushes. Sometimes the outcome of your painting job depends on the brush you use. Do not use foam brushes, you will have less penetration and produces more bubbles as compared to bristle brushes. A good quality brush should blow a foam brush out of the water.

4. Add All the Accessories


  • Prepare all the accessories needed for your mini bar like – speaker, Chromecast audio, Dioder controls, and cables.
  • Connect everything to complete the sound effects of your mini bar.
  • Test the speakers to make sure it is working properly. Hook the Chromecast audio in a small amp.
  • Fit the dioder controls. Glue it in place.
  • Place the cable wires in place.

5. Assembling Everything Together

  • Place the painted walls and floors
  • Attach the wires and cables from the speaker to Chromecast and to its control.
  • If everything is in place at the back of your mini bar place the back cover.
  • Test the music if it is working.
  • Place the LED light at the top wall for dramatic effect.

The Final Product


You can place your mini bar in your living room as a side décor or it could be the center of the area. To make it even more appealing to your visitors, you can play a soothing music. Make sure that the music will sound great. If you want you can make the light goes along with the music.

We all know that appliances don’t last forever. Once the appliances are full of dust, one of your major problems is how to dispose of them. Actually, you don’t have to throw them they can be transformed into something useful. You can actually convert old or outdated appliances into functional, funky and beautiful décor for your home just like this old CRT TV.

Final Words

Did you enjoy the tutorial? The main purpose of this tutorial is to provide you new and unique ideas on how to make your living room lively. Also, it will get rid of your concern regarding your old appliances. Not all owns an old CRT TV. You can use other appliances that you can convert into something special. You can turn an old microwave oven into an aquatic display or you can make an old tea pot into a lovely center table décor. There are lots of things that you can do with these old appliances.

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