How Often Should I Clean My Bathroom?

Ask any person and they would tell you the bathrooms are not the most fun places to clean. Some people go for months without even thinking about cleaning the bathroom. From today, it is important to give your bathroom the right attention to keep it presentable and usable by many people.

How often you should clean the bathroom is something debatable. Some would say daily, biweekly, weekly, or monthly. It is often what you feel is comfortable for your schedule. Having the bathroom cleaned weekly should be realistic and keeps your bathroom clean at all times.

Health Benefits of Cleaning Bathrooms

You can imagine that disgusting feeling you get when entering a dirty bathroom. Having that feeling over and over again is not great. It is about time that you changed how your bathroom looks. You still get many health benefits when cleaning your bathroom more often.

1. Get rid of bad smell

A sign of a dirty bathroom is that it will always be smelling bad. Without a doubt, the smell of urine and feces is something you would not want to experience more often. When the pee is not cleaned even in a couple of hours, it is easy to notice that the bathroom cannot be used again. It is important that you practice proper peeing techniques, especially for men. Men will often splash their urine when peeing standing up. You could still sit down and have a nice pee time.

After the cleaning, expect that your bathroom will smell nice and you will feel comfortable using such type of a bathroom.

2. Cleaning removes bacteria

In any place there is dirt, you can always expect to have the bacteria problem. A bathroom is a place where you come to remove dirt from the body, meaning it is the perfect place to get bacteria more often.

With the moisture content, the bacteria will easily reproduce that spread to different parts of the bathroom. With bacteria spreading, you are likely to get it now in your bath towels, soap, faucets and floor. Just like that, the bacteria can easily be transferred to you.

3. Prevent bathroom molds

If you do not clean your bathroom more often, the chances are that you will get mold in no time. Mold is likely to appear faster when you leave too much moisture in your bathroom. It is important to open the bathroom window to let in more air and clean out the excess moisture.

If you do not remove the mold in its initial stages, it might be quite hard to do so later on. It is always important to keep the bathroom clean.

4. Aesthetically Pleasing

When you are likely to have visitors in your house, you would want them to enjoy a nice clean bathroom. Make sure that you take your time to often clean the bathroom to make it aesthetically pleasing. Many guests might think less of you when all they find is urine stain in the bathroom.

Tips For Cleaning Your Bathroom Correctly

The reason most people do not clean their bathrooms is because they think it is a hard job to do. Well, with the following tips, you should be able to start cleaning it even daily.

  • Dust and vacuum the bathroom more often

To end up with a great looking bathroom, it is important that you keep it clean by dusting and vacuuming. Such methods should help in removing the dust and hair in the bathroom. These two are the major causes of more dirt in any bathroom. You can even use a micro-fiber cloth to clean the shelves and lighting fixtures in the bathroom.

  • Use heat to your advantage

If you are going to clean some dirt that has accumulated over time, you will need to heat up a few surfaces. Taking a bathtub as an example, make sure you fill it with hot water and let it soak for a while. The next time you clean it with your cleansers; they would easily remove the dirt as it has been already softened by the hot water. The same thing applies to the floor tiles, which could be warmed with hot water from the tap.

  • Clean from top to down

There will be no point of cleaning the floor tiles when you have not cleaned the wall tiles or anything else above ground. The technique of cleaning from top to down helps to avoid cases of overlapping. Concentrate on the walls, counters and other top surfaces before finally finishing with the floor. Make sure to use antibacterial cleaners in the bathroom to eliminate any bacteria probably on the surfaces.

  • Cleaning the smooth surfaces

The bathroom could be full of smooth surfaces such as the mirrors, counters, among many others. Cleaning such surfaces needs a lot of care to keep them looking great. Something like a mirror will need a soft sponge that can be able to clean the stains, but still leaves it smooth without any scratches. The same thing applies to the counters and bathroom vanities, which have to maintain their smooth look over time.

  • Make sure to rinse in plenty

Dirt is bad for your bathroom, but the smell of cleaning chemicals can even be worse. You need to make sure that the bathroom is well rinsed to remove all that smell from the bathroom. Without the enough rinsing, you will always have a problem with your bathroom smelling chemicals all the time.


So, right now you have all the answers you need about how often to clean the bathroom. It is a place you will often visit, so make sure that it can remain clean at all times. You do not have to clean it all by yourself, always rotate the cleaning time with your roommates. Let them understand the importance of keeping the bathroom clean at all times. Leave a comment or question below and I will get back to you shortly with an answer.






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